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You know a video is dated when you hear them say "AW DUDE, THAT'S GOING ON MYSPACE!"

If they gave me this status bar, I will abuse it to it's maximum potential dammit.
AKSP Fan Art Corner 10 by IchibanGravity
AKSP Fan Art Corner 10

It was about time I posted another fan art submission! I saw the red on the blade and could only think of cherry pie. :C
Rae Hug by IchibanGravity
Rae Hug
This message was cute and and I wanted to draw it out! I am trying my best to get geared up to draw more, but you know what they say about art: It's like farting. It has to happen when it's ready, because if you force it, it becomes shit!
Haha, this seems to be the only kind of journal I post anymore! My life is nowhere near interesting enough to ramble on about. I will say that I am extremely pleased that so many people like the Deployment arc; thank you all so much!

Now, a tag taken from :iconstorypony:


1. You can either fly or breathe under water, what do you choose?
-I want the ability to breathe underwater so I can forge my own kingdom where I can use starfish for money 8D

2. You can either eat anything in any quantity and never gain weight or you can read people's minds, what do you choose?
-I wanna eat all the things! The mind is a terrible thing to read...

3. You can either turn into a Pokemon or a Digimon, what do you choose?
-I'd be a pokeman, probably a Mantine! I can name all the Remoraids that hang out with me, and I'll never be lonely!

4. You can either be a pirate or a ninja, what do you choose?
-Pirate. Yarr.

5. You can either be a pony or a Crystal Gem, what do you choose?
-Pony, of course! (I may or may not be working on a ponysona...)

6. You can bend either earth, fire, air, or water, what do you choose?
-Bend...? I'm guessing that's like Geomancer type stuff, so I would choose water!

7. You can either talk to animals or talk to nature, what do you choose?
-AMINALS! I want to hear their opinions on things! (Especially cats and crows)

8. You can either be immortal or can time travel, what do you choose?
-Uhhhhh... This is hard. I really don't want to live long enough to see everyone I love dying every cycle... Time Travel is very picky, and can end with serious ramifications if done incorrectly, so I guess immortality?

9. You can either have a giant animal be your companion or be the giant animal, what do you choose?
-I want a giant manta ray that makes rainbow trails so I can grab onto it and go on magical voyages.

10. What's your favorite color? 


Everyone else doing good?
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Favorite League of Legends lane? Hell, favorite champ too if you want to comment :'D 

106 deviants said I don't play LoL.
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12 deviants said Jungle
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